About Grandpa

Who is Grandpa – The Man who makes wooden toys for kids

Yes, there is a grandpa behind Grandpa’s Toys. He built wooden toys for the kids 30 years ago and now for the Grandkids. You now have the special opportunity to invest in history by buying these quality generational wooden toys that can be handed down.

What is Grandpa’s Toys

I produce premium quality handmade wooden toys which are not usually available through shops.

I have worked in the timber industry for many years and after making wooden toys for our three children and now our six grandchildren; I have decided to make these quality handmade wooden toys available to others.

I have taken great care routing sharp edges on these wooden toys for the protection of children and where possible only timber has been used. The timber in the wooden toys is protected with two coats of polyurethane to ensure your children will have the use of these toys for many years.

Grandpa - The face of Grandpa's Toys

Where are Grandpa’s Toys Located

Located in Central Queensland, West of Mackay, I work out of a shed on Blacklist Prints Studio. My toys are also sold through Blacklist Prints Shop in Canelands Mackay Qld.

Grandpa’s Toys is registered for GST.

Contact Grandpa

If you would like to contact Grandpa, Send him an email or fill out our contact form.